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Who Are We?

Deron & Tiffany Colegrave - Mortgage Brokers at your service!  Located in Parksville, BC, we specialize in mortgages for Vancouver Island properties.  That being said, we are happy to provide our best rates and service to clients across Canada with properties throughout the country. 

Our Philosophy: We believe that the right financing is based on your needs not the bank.  The financing process should help you to become a more knowledgeable homeowner, investor and borrower.  We will spend the time necessary to help you feel empowered and confident with the financing decisions you make now and in the future.  We will work hard to earn your loyalty for the life of your mortgage.

Why Use The Colegrave Mortgage Team?

We are experienced!  We have 23 years combined experience in financial services.  Our prior in-branch banking background gives us insight into the challenges our customers have faced when trying to obtain a mortgage at their bank.  That is why our goal is to make the financing process a smooth, easy, even enjoyable experience!

We have more options!  Your bank or credit union has one set of mortgage products and mortgage rates to offer. We have the mortgage products of over 40 mortgage lenders (see Lender List) available to us, and are not tied to any one lender.  Some lenders are better at financing different situations than others, and we can help you find the lender with the best mortgage product and rate for you.   See Mortgage Options  and Mortgage Basics for descriptions of mortgage products.

We are paid by the lender!  In most cases, residential mortgage brokers are paid by the lender where we place the mortgage, and not the client.  Our compensation is based on the size of the mortgage - not the mortgage rate, so you can feel comfortable knowing that we will work hard to get you the best rate.

We're a growing trend! 
In Canada, approximately 1 in 4 mortgage borrowers are using a broker, and almost 1 in 3 in BC. Mortgage brokers are not just for those with bumpy credit histories.  Our clients include average families, professionals, first time buyers, self employed workers, vacation home buyers, rental home buyers, and clients from all backgrounds.

Our company is local and independent! Unlike many other mortgage companies, Select Mortgage is Canadian - based here in BC - and is not owned by a financial institution.  Select Mortgage may be local, but produces substantial mortgage volume to allow us to access the very best and largest mortgage lenders - often with promotional rates not available to other brokers - something smaller mortgage companies can't always do.

We are Licensed Professionals! As a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC, we have met academic requirements for licensing, and are governed by strict professional rules of conduct designed to ensure that the advice we give is impartial and meets the needs our clients. Licensing is not required of mortgage representatives in most traditional financial institutions.

Whether you're a first time home buyer, renewing an existing mortgage, refinancing, buying a rental property, or looking for ways to pay off your mortgage early, we will be able to help answer your mortgage questions.  Here are just some scenarios where we can find you great mortgage solutions:


 First Time Buyers      Renewals and Equity Take Outs
 Construction Mortgages   Self Employment
 95% and 100% Financing        Rental Properties
 Past Credit Problems   25-40 year Amortizations

Even if you've already visited your bank about your mortgage needs, talk to us too for a no obligation quote.




Welcome to the web site of Deron and Tiffany Colegrave of Select Mortgage.

Please look around for useful mortgage information or feel free to contact us or apply today. 

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